I am an architect practicing in Toronto, Canada. I have been using Autodesk Revit since 2010 on a variety of project types ranging in scale from $1MM homes to $500MM institutional projects and spend a lot of my time figuring out how to use the software to make our team more efficient. The intent of this site is to document methods of working in Revit that increase productivity.

There are three major reasons for focusing on this topic:


As our industry has seen consultant fees driven down, it is increasingly important that we find ways of eliminating repeat-work. From an 'operations' perspective it's important to be as efficient as possible, not only throughout the project, but across multiple projects. I will be writing a lot about 'templating': office-wide systems and standards to maintain drawing quality and really leverage the information coming out of the model.


The key advantage of using a building information modeling software like Revit is the reliability and consistency of the data being output by the model. Most offices do not leverage this advantage due to inconsistent standards and 'shortcuts' which leads to risk exposure. Modeled elements missing from schedules, detail elements used instead of modeled elementd consultant information not accurately represented in the model lead to Change Orders and cost / schedule issues for the client.


Less time spent repeating work and checking the accuracy of legends, schedules, tagging and coordination means more time spent doing what is important. Most firms I have interacted with over the past 10 years using Revit waste many hours on tasks that do not contribute to a better project. Most of these tasks could become automated or semi-automated workflows built into an office template, macro or script to produce more accurate results and eliminate the need for constant rework when changes are requested or required.

This blog is not intended to be a simple helper tool for Revit - there are many resources to help you figure out how to use the software. Rather I will be documenting the work I have put into workflows to help save you time and money.

I am slightly limited in my ability to organize the posts. See the links below the logo/title on the front page of the site. I will continue to improve on this as the content develops.

Hope you enjoy!